Press Release

University Award for Young Businesswoman

The New Straits Times | 20 September 1999

MELBOURNE, Sun : Young Malaysian entrepreneur Patricia Yeoh has been named the first University of New England (UNE) graduate to receive the Young Distinguished Alumni Award for her outstanding achievements in business.

Yeoh,30, who heads her own management consultancy PM Resources in Kuala Lumpur, is recognised for her contribution to the service industry.

A former student of Stuartholm Convent in Brisbane. Yeoh graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Management from UNE in 1992.

Back in Malaysia, she joined Esso as an accountant, but after three years she decided to pursue her interest in human resource management and joined Gemini Personnel Services in Kuala Lumpur as a recruitment consultant.

She then started PM Resources, which offers a range of services.

UNE Vice-Chancellor Professor Ingrid Moses, who met Yeoh in Kuala Lumpur recently, said the university had, in the past, acknowledged distinguished alumni towards the end to their careers, but decided to introduce a Young Distinguished Alumni Award to recognise Yeoh's achievements in such a short time.

"Patricia Yeoh is a marvellous example of a graduate who has used the knowledge base she had acquired at university to develop an innovative and thriving business," Moses said, "We are very proud of her."

Yeoh is to be given the rare honour of addressing the UNE graduation ceremony in Armidale, New South Wales, on Oct 9. Present at the ceremony will be her parents Dr Peter Yeoh Tiong Yong and Alice K.M. Mah - Bernama