employee retention

  • Does your business strategy, reward / recognition systems, work and teamwork arrangements encourage employee motivation?
  • Do you involve and empower employees and manage their performance in ways that will build motivations?
  • Does your organisation’s leadership style, and its corporate culture, motivate or demotivate staff?
Get objective answers to the above questions when PM Resources partners you to assess and measure how well your organisation motivates employees, wins and retains their loyalty and commitment.

If your organisation does not already use performance management formally, PM Resources will work with you to find a simple framework for introducing appropriate performance management systems and making them work. If performance management techniques are already in use, we will help you find the tools to evaluate your procedures and make them work better.

Working together with you to bring all the issues involved in performance management and sets out a clear system for analysing and improving them with the focus of meeting both employees and management demand.