what our clients say

PM Resources takes a great deal of pride in the list of references we have acquired over the years. Rather than displaying all of them on our site, we prefer and encourage you to contact us personally.

For the last 6 years, PM Resources Sdn Bhd have taken care of every aspect of payroll for us in accordance to our needs, distribution of employees’ payslips, preparation and submission of all statutory payments (EPF, SOCSO, PCB, Zakat, Tabung Haji, etc), preparation and distribution of employees’ Form EAs, preparation and submission of Form E, etc. They also provide sound advice relating to the Malaysian Employment Act and Labour Laws, and keep us updated on latest legislation changes.

They have proven that we were in very safe and capable hands, enabling us to focus on what we do best.

PM Resources Sdn Bhd continually goes above and beyond to provide first-class service. They play a key part in the operation of out Malaysian office. We have continued our association with PM Resources Sdn Bhd due to their competence, their desire to provide solutions that meet our needs and their commitment to complete the job monthly to our satisfaction. On occasion, they have responded to critical situations by turning around the payroll reports in a short period of time. We view them as an extension of our own operations. I would not hesitate in recommending PM Resources Sdn Bhd to anyone.

Birgir Ragnarsson,

It is my pleasure to recommend PM Resources Sdn Bhd, in which their team has been very efficient, extremely helpful and take all the hassle out of what could be a very time consuming job.

Over the years with PM Resources Sdn Bhd as our outsourced payroll provider has proved to be a valuable addition to our company as their service level and work rate would be an extremely positive asset to your organization. They have consistently offer the ability to supply the highest quality of services. The dedication to their customers produces what I believe is an industry leading service level which I am sure they are rightly proud of.

PM Resources Sdn Bhd is highly recommended.

Choong Mun Kit,
General Manager – ASEAN & Japan Region

We have been working with PM Resources Sdn Bhd since 2004 and the most valuable service that they provide to our company is ‘peace of mind’. We know that once submit our payroll information, our employees will receive their salaries on time and we know that we are and will be in compliance with all statutory requirements relating to payroll. Challenges that our company experiences with payroll issues from time to time are resolved immediately with their knowledgeable, caring and courteous employees. The single most important benefit to us is client support. Any company or payroll service can generate a payroll but the benefits PM Resources Sdn Bhd provides of keeping clients informed of changing laws and regulations, and by being there when we ‘hit a wall’ with a payroll problem makes them a rare find in today’s market. Combined with the fact that PM Resources Sdn Bhd is a local, long established business, there is no need to consider any other company when you already have a rare find, which is why we have also recently decided to outsource the payroll of our other 2 newly acquired companies to them.

Chew Hong Heng,
General Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a recommendation for the Mandarin Chinese Training Programmes provided by Ms. Wang Shu (Tesa) from PM Resources Sdn Bnd. Ms. Wang is the facilitator who conducted various banking related Mandarin Programmes, customised to our needs. In our opinion, Ms. Wang is humble and unassuming in dealing with participants who may at odds when trying to grasp a language that is new to them. She is able to interact freely with the participants and making the sessions interesting and fun. In addition, she is also able to relate the training to the context of the participants’ business and day-to-day operations. We found that her training programme has been very useful to our employees as it provides practical tips that the participants need to communicate with their Chinese counterparts. We would recommend her services to other companies who wish to embark on such training programmes.

Lim Lee Yong,
Director, Learning & Capability Development
Group Human Resource

I am pleased to write this testimonial regarding PM Resources Sdn Bhd’s contribution to the administering of our payroll processes.

In the past, we managed our payroll internally until PM Resources Sdn Bhd came onboard; providing us valuable support and solutions to our payroll administrations. I am pleased and impressed with their ability to turnaround requests and work on tight schedules. They are very professional in handling queries and well equipped with the right knowledge, attitude and experience to support us. PM Resources Sdn Bhd has always been consistent on their deliverables and often exceed our expectations.

I highly recommend them and any resource that they offer.

Edwin Chee,
HR Manager – Malaysia

PM Resources has been assisting us for years in Malaysia, handling our payroll together with answering various questions which has come up regarding our business. They have answered in professional manner and are ready to assist whenever it is needed. We feel comfortable in recommending PM Resources.

Helgi Mar Josepsson,
Head of Legal

As one of the pioneer and leading public listed construction company in Malaysia, we outsourced our corporate office payroll function to PM Resources Sdn Bhd at the end of December 2015. It was critical time for us as the person solely taking charge of payroll was leaving us after 25 years, the transition of payroll into a different system were most critical as we wanted to ensure all data were captured without essential details left out or went missing and caused delay or created dissatisfaction amongst employees after many years. PM Resources Sdn Bhd was tasked in a short period besides ensuring on time payroll, all relevant payroll reports are generated on a timely basis and statutory requirements are met. Considering we had more than 400 employees, the turnaround was quick and efficient despite the short-notice given to them. In reflection, we were pleased as we experienced seamless transition and the surprises were almost to none. PM Resources Sdn Bhd has delivered a high level of service covering all our payroll needs. Due to our confidence in their service, we have decided to outsource our site payroll too to them in April 2016, comprises of another 300 employees. PM Resources Sdn Bhd consists of a team of knowledgeable, professional, courteous and enthusiastic associates. They have good systems in place to ensure that our employees are paid correctly, accurately and on time. Apart from salary payment, periodically they will update us on changes with any of the statutory acts and extend their advices on matters that affect either employees or employer. Their services too include assisting us with them payment to all relevant statutory contributions such as EPF, SOCSO, Income Taxes, plus registering of new companies with all these bodies.

From initial contact, PM Resources Sdn Bhd’s insight into assisting Mudajaya Corporation Bhd with its payroll management has been invaluable. Whenever we had questions regarding taxes, local labour laws or general compensation, PM Resources Sdn Bhd was right there with a quick answer. Though the collaboration is less than a year, but we have taken them more like a partner and their team members like an extended family and we would certainly continue to partner with them as the group continues to grow. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to any new potential clients.

Ng Yee Ming,
General Manager – Human Resource

We would like to thank you and the team at PM Resources Sdn Bhd for providing exceptional service to Mulpha International Bhd. Your personal commitment to ensure the service is delivered successfully continuously exceeds our expectations.

Year after year, you have become a trusted resource and partner from the moment you began consulting us. Your enthusiasm and dedication to providing timely and efficient solutions made the decision to continue our service with you, easy.

The key factors for choosing to work with you were you in-depth knowledge and dedication to our needs and requirements. Throughout the years we have learned to appreciate the high levels of service you repeatedly provide.

We would also like to specifically thank Ms Michelle Goh for her extraordinary service which she has carried. We would like to commend her for her patience and professionalism. Her responsiveness and attention to detail truly set her apart and makes working with PM Resources a sincere pleasure.

Again, thank you. You have a terrific team and we, Mulpha International Bhd are very satisfied and happy to be PM Resources’ client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.

Eric Lee,
Executive Director

Just a note to thank you and your great team for the wonderful session “Effective Interviewing Skills” on September 3, 2019. Have to be frank that I was initially a bit reluctant to attend the session because of distance between Malaysia and Uzbekistan is about 5000 km (8 hours by plane). Having attended the retreat, I have to admit that I do find the session meaningful and personally it was a self-fulfilling and self enriching journey. I personally appreciate the segments that you relate the learning points to all activities/actions that we were engaged in. I am truly enlightened by some of the words said. I think most of attendees will agree with me that whilst we got to know each other better, the session was also beneficial for our personal growth. I’ve already had colleagues who are interested to recommend your services to their friends. Please convey my sincere thanks to your cheerful team of colleagues!

Umidjon Rakhmatullaev,
Head of HR Department CA

It gives me great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for PM RESOURCES SDN BHD. Their consultant has been servicing our account for the last few years and together with PM RESOURCES (PMR), we have a relationship that spans more than a decade.

Our payroll is completely outsourced to PMR. Every month the consultant is quick to turn around our payroll report, in most cases within 24 hours! Time and time again, PMR have never failed us and are always ever-ready to support our HR needs.

Apart from payroll, they have been our resource to navigate the complex HR laws of Malaysia. In this capacity, they have provided us good and sound advise and I can sincerely say they are indeed a Total one-stop- HR shop.

I would not hesitate to recommend PM RESOURCES SDN BHD services to anyone who is looking for a HR specialist.

Jean Yong,
Education Director

It is such a pleasure working with PM Resources. Our company is growing and PM Resources helped us do a full revision of our employee handbook, which included creating standard company policies while also taking into account our organisation’s culture. Anytime we reach out to PM Resources, they are there for our outsourced HR needs. They started by meeting with us and asking us about what we were looking for and took the time to understand our processes and the culture of our company. We really like their style and type of communication and most importantly the HR expertise they bring to our company.

Poh Mei Yee,
Assistant HR Manager

As a leading property developer and a public listed company, finding the right partners to work with can be difficult. We are happy to have found PM Resources Sdn Bhd. They have taken care of every aspect of payroll for us – overtime computation, full payroll and employees’ claims processing, generation of related payroll reports in accordance to our needs, distribution of employees’ payslips, preparation and submission of all statutory payments (EPF, SOCSO, PCB, Zakat, Tabung Haji, etc), preparation and distribution of employees’ Form EAs, preparation and submission of Form E, etc. They also provide sound advice relating to the Malaysian Employment Act and Labour Laws, and keep us updated on latest legislation changes.

From day one, they have proven that we were in very safe and capable hands, enabling the rest of the team to focus on all the other aspects of driving the company to greater heights.

PM Resources play a key part in our payroll and claims processing, and have been instrumental in all aspects of our payroll. On occasion, they have responded to critical situations by turning around the payroll reports in a short period of time. We view them as a team member rather than a vendor. I would not hesitate in recommending PM Resources Sdn Bhd to anyone as there is no better service.

Nasni Rozana Nasroen,
Senior Manager, Human Resources & Admin

PM Resources Sdn Bhd is responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. It is reassuring to know that the answer to any question is only a phone call / email away. With PM Resources Sdn Bhd, we receive excellent service and more importantly, we know that all of our components of our payroll will be handled correctly. Our relationship with PM Resources Sdn Bhd spanned over a decade, marking this year as our 12th year with them. It is therefore obvious that PM Resources Sdn Bhd is focused on long term relationships with their clients. Their payroll consultants know our company’s needs and is always available to help us with any questions, tasks or other issues, especially relating to our expatriates’ taxes. We like that we have a dedicated consultant to back us up with any of our payroll needs. Knowing that the consultant knows our company and is always willing to help makes us feel very secure with our payroll. We are more than pleased with the level of service PM Resources Sdn Bhd provides us. We are confident in the services that they provide and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional payroll service with a personal touch.

Kalpita D’mello,
Senior Human Resources Manager, India

PM Resources Sdn Bhd recently has assisted us in our efforts to create a company handbook. With limited knowledge on labour law, their helpful team went through the handbook in great detail advising us and explaining labour law so that we understand what is correct and where we were wrong. This helped us make a comprehensive and legally complaint document. They have provided a very satisfactory service and they constantly follow up to ensure that everything is in order, we thank PM Resources Sdn Bhd for their help and assistance especially towards Pat and Amanda for their excellent service.

Charmaine Tay,