targeted search & selection

Choosing effectively the most appropriate personnel for a specific industry is instrumental in forming a specific culture and qualified employee for a company.

PM Resources understands that each organisation has varying recruitment requirements and as such, we tailor the process according to your needs. Whether you are looking to recruit a junior or a senior executive, PM Resources will help you ascertain the best way to ensure that you find quality professionals in the most efficient manner, albeit through targeted search and / or selection or just resume processing and candidate screening.

Historically, when undertaking a contingency selection assignment, recruitment "quality service". There can be misunderstandings about what this really means. Many recruitment firms do not recruit at all – they react to advertised response or only contact people already sitting on the database. Then they send a resume to the client. This to PM Resources is not a sufficient level of service.

PM Resources is unique in the recruitment industry because we will not only search through our extensive database of professionals or advertise to find the right resource for you, we will also perform a search when required. We believe that targeted selection simply means, at all income levels, that we find the resource you are looking for, who are not looking for you. They need to be identified and carefully recruited. They do not need to move – they must want to reach for a better opportunity. Our approach to sourcing resources is proactive, which has resulted in an impressive database of actively looking resources. Rather than waiting for the best resources to come to us, we have a dedicated team whose sole function is to harness those resources with the skills most desired by you, telephone screen them and book them in for a full formal interview where they are assessed by our experienced consultant.

PM Resources’ targeted search services would be utilised for the recruitment of qualified resources from specific industry or disciplines only, meaning the identification of top performing individuals in specific industry sectors and disciplines within these sectors, (example, manufacturing within information technology or sales within capital equipment or marketing within fast moving consumer goods) on behalf of companies who appoint us to perform this service.

When undertaking a targeted search assignment, PM Resources will actively seek resources that meet your criteria. This method of recruitment has distinct advantages, especially for more senior positions where very specific experience and abilities are required. We will identify and target resources with the skills set you require. These resources are often passive job seekers who would be impossible to reach through other means such as advertising. There is a difference in this approach, which is why the most senior, high impact assignments worldwide are filled through unadvertised search. We apply this high-level quality service to meet your human resource requirements.

However, we also understand that you are often short of time and resources, and that is where the role of just resume processing and candidate screening comes in – it is just like having an extra recruiter on your payroll. Basically, we prepare the advertisements and / or Internet postings and place them in the appropriate media. Then, we will assist in the review of resumes, conduct telephone interviews, check education, qualifications and references, and then present you with a shortlist of qualified candidates – all for a fraction of the cost of a full fledge targeted search and / or selection.