recruitment advertisements

What would define the future of recruitment advertising is the ability to understand jobseekers’ needs and create campaigns that play on the triggers of each medium.

Traditionally, using advertising makes good sense under certain circumstances. For example, when a multitude of applicants need to be surfaced very quickly, over a wide geographical area. However, even a targeted publication can miss the mark, and your investment in advertising will be wasted.

With the rise of the Internet and a landscape where options are almost limitless, getting your organisation into the consideration of setting off your target job seekers becomes paramount for future successes. This means that you would increasingly have to think very carefully about justifying recruitment campaigns in print, particularly when the considerable extra cost is considered.

Research confirmed that job seekers are more likely to consider working at an organisation that promotes its own virtues rather than a specific job and the exposure to brand-led recruitment advertisements provides job seekers with a better understanding of a corporate brand. This research highlights the long-term benefits of the expenditure spent on recruitment advertisements, as well as pointing towards a significant driver in improving quality of hire. Knowing your target audience holds the key to effective recruitment advertisements.

Having PM Resources plan and draft your brand-led recruitment advertisements would have a positive effect on job seekers' consideration of your organisation as a potential place of employment. It would also provide job seekers with a richer and deeper perception of your organisation's employer and corporate brand. PM Resources would guide you through every stage of creating and implementing an advertising campaign, while simultaneously conducting a search and / or selection campaign and beyond this exercise to maximise the chance of finding the ideal human resource or to fulfil multiple positions in a short duration of time.

As placing recruiting advertisements are costly, consider the positive implications on the expected return on investment for your organisation’s desirability as an employer and its corporate profile.