quarterly tea talks

Event Date
Free Quarterly Tea Talk Q3, 2018
What’s Your Ideal Company Culture?
25 October 2018
Free Quarterly Tea Talk Q1, 2018
Malaysian Employment Insurance System (EIS)
26 April 2018
Free Quarterly Tea Talk Q3, 2017
Coffee Talk
26 October 2017
Free Quarterly Tea Talks
Attracting Quality & Retaining the Best for Uncertainty
27 July 2017
2nd Quarterly Tea Talk
Being Motivated and Receptive to Change Management!
21 July 2016
1st Quarterly Tea Talk
Downturn, is Termination or Retrenchment the Last Resort ?
17 March 2016
4th Quarterly Tea Talk
Why is Punctuality Important at Work and How Flexible Hours can benefit Employees
17 December 2015
3rd Quarterly Tea Talk
Setting SMART KPIS for Employee's Performance Assessment
19 October 2015