public training programs

Public Training Programs

  •  One-day Chinese Business Culture Training
    This training is catered for those who are interested to learn about the culture of doing business in China
  •  One-day Chinese Cross Culture Training
    his training is catered for those who are interested in working or living in China
  •  Two (2) Days Intensive Mandarin Training for Different Industry Sectors
    This two (2) days intensive training allows busy executives to learn the Mandarin language effectively in a short span of time to apply the language at work immediately. The industry sectors covered include:
    •  2-Days Chinese Business Culture & Business Mandarin
    •  2-Days Banking Mandarin for the Financial Industry
    •  2-Days Business Mandarin
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the Hospitality Industry
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the Insurance Industry
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the IT Industry
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the Legal Industry
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the Media Industry
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the Government Industry
    •  2-Days Mandarin for the Tourism Industry
    •  2-Days Trading Mandarin
  •  Train the Trainer Program
    This training is catered for organisations who wish to enhance their internal trainers' ability to become more effective at helping their employees to learn the Mandarin Language programs.