our methodology

Instead of a difficult academic application, the program is structured to be comprehensive and practical. Situational instructions allow our clients to accurately grasp the language efficiently. With our unique training approach, participants are able to maximise their learning results by teaching both the structure and function of Mandarin. What stands out is the emphasis we place on communication skills, rather than the traditional ‘listen and repeat’ drills and grammatical analysis. We also train our participants how to become a better Mandarin learner throughout the entire program.

Step 1: Needs Assessment of Client

Programs can be scheduled at your office, training centres / hotels or at our premise. We offer complete flexibility in time, location and learning methods.

Step 2: Placement Test for Trainees

We will set up a language proficiency test for the participants, including a written and oral test (where applicable). The written test measures vocabulary and grammar while the oral test measures conversational competence. The proposal will be revised according to the test results.

Step 3: Development of Materials

We will set up a detailed program outline based on clients’ needs and test results. Special materials will be used if needed. Program schedule and location will be fixed according to the clients’ requirements.

Step 4: Service Agreement

Our clients will sign a service agreement with us to ensure a smooth training process.

Step 5: Progress Tracking and Feedback collection

We collect feedback from participants and facilitators periodically, keep the attendance record and supervise the training content and method to improve quality and effect.

Step 6: Achievement Test and Evaluation

We will test participants’ language proficiency during and after training. We will also evaluate the facilitator’s teaching effect and provide reports for our clients.