Our History

PM Resources Sdn Bhd was formed in 1998 to complement and uphold Malaysia’s vision of becoming a developed nation. As small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises, PM Resources’ focus is to assist you in building a strengthened foundation, ready for future growth and expansion program, at the same time providing effective and efficient solutions.

As a participative management, PM Resources understands that surviving today's business environment has become more challenging than ever. Whether you are a business owner, an international foreign-based company or in the small medium size industry, it is unlikely that you will possess all the skills necessary to build your company, grow your business and dominate your marketplace. PM Resources also understands that companies of all sizes struggle with escalating costs of full-time employees which includes the intangible costs of hiring, training, administration, benefits, absenteeism, workspace and equipment. To manage such uncertainties and ground your business in any environment - bull or bear, PM Resources is the answer to your outsourcing needs.