our forte

We give priority to helping our clients first grasp the basic oral skills of speaking Mandarin. Our clients find that this is an effective and rapid method of learning. Our method is built upon sound linguistic principles as well as research and training experience, making use of all the personal resources and sense perceptions of an individual, thus instead of being lectured, our clients experience the language.

Our facilitators are professional and highly qualified Native Mandarin speakers from China with bilingual and bicultural skills, using the Beijing standard pronunciation. Understanding your needs, all programs are developed using the following principles:

Convenient and Flexible

Programs can be scheduled at your office, training centres / hotels or at our premise. We offer complete flexibility in time, location and learning methods.

Customised Approach

PM Resources’ approach to Mandarin Chinese language training begins with the recognition of both your organisation and employees’ specific needs. Although some organisations may require a generic program, we also realise that different organisations may require different language skills. Therefore, PM Resources will first identify the communication needs and learning styles of the employees in your organisation, and customise unique Mandarin Chinese programs that allow them to experience and practice their acquired skills at the workplace and with their Chinese counterparts. As a result, your employees can learn through contextual applications and obstacles they encounter in their job, to collaborate language skills in a practical environment.

Besides emphasising the life application of a newly acquired language, PM Resources is also concerned in helping your employees to continually review and fine-tune their language skills. Continuous training is not only essential for the full apprehension of the language but it is also our commitment for a long term partnership with you and your organisation.

Duration of our customised programs is dependent on your organisation’s specific needs. However, to be effective, we recommend at least 30 hours for each program, where each session is 90 minutes, with 2 sessions a week.

Language components are incorporated specifically to the industry and business you are in. Training programs are tailored to your busy schedule. We have a proven, highly effective and modern training method in creating solutions for corporate training requirements which are well structured. We also customise personal learning programs to achieve individual goals.

Qualified Facilitators

Our facilitators are professionals with academic credentials from China and abroad. They have extensive cross-cultural experience teaching and living in China as well as in Malaysia which enhances the learning experience. Our facilitators are professional trained to deliver maximum learning results. We avoid quenching participants’ learning desire by reading straight from the materials or by having the participants recite without understanding. Our facilitators strive to use various hands on approaches including translation, short conversation, role play, songs, etc to familiarise participants with the vocabularies. We will provide the necessary materials, sound file / CDs, flashcards, etc for participants to practice with.

Personalised Training

Programs are conducted in small groups or on a one-to-one basis. Our facilitators are your ‘personal trainer’ for the Mandarin language, helping to guide you through the process and at the same time, making your learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Learning Tools

Materials are designed to our clients’ needs which allow them to immediately apply what they have learnt. Materials contain text, glossary, listening comprehension, notes, drills and copy characters for those learning to write. Other materials include flash cards, CDs / sound files and other supplements. All materials will be individually customised to suit our clients’ needs. Our training materials are practical, topic-based and tailored-made to meet each individuals’ / clients’ needs.