our approach

combining business mandarin language with business

PM Resources offers more than language training for the senior management and other executives in your organisations. We combine the Mandarin Chinese language with a broad spectrum of disciplines in various industries - albeit industry specific or day-to-day conversational / business issues. Whether the focus is on business strategies, operations, organisational structure or technological issues, our Mandarin Consultant is committed to help you in breaking through the language and cultural barriers in order to optimise your business relationships with your Chinese counterparts.

PM Resources' approach to the Mandarin Chinese language training begins with the recognition of both your organisation and employees’ specific needs. Although some organisations may require a generic program, we also recognise that different organisations may require different language skills. Therefore, PM Resources will first identify the communication needs and learning styles of the employees in your organisations, and customise unique Mandarin Chinese programs that allow them to experience and practice their acquired skills with their Chinese counterparts.

"PM Resources design, develop and deliver customised Mandarin Chinese language programs to meet your specific business needs which will not only arouse the interest of your employees but also to enhance their learning process."

more than interactive learning

Apart from combining the Mandarin Chinese language programs to your organisation’s specific business needs, PM Resources’ approach to the delivery of the programs is also innovative and delivered with impact. We emphasise on strong collaboration with your organisation by working together to ensure optimum benefit from mutual interaction. We believe that creative ideas are derived with the intention to enable business leaders to envision practical use of the language and realise extraordinary results. Our programs are combines with topical learning, such as role-play, debates and discussions.