Human Resource Management

Human Resource management is the effective use of a business' most valuable resource, its employees. They are also the most difficult resource to manage. As their valuable knowledge and function forms the core basis of a business operation, they can either maximise or minimise the growth of an organisation. By drawing on the knowledge and experience from PM Resources, you would not only develop more effective people policies, but you would also become more involved in strategy and policy making, and would be more focused on key business processes.
PM Resources offers comprehensive human resource outsourcing services, covering all areas of human resource from human resource compliance, recommendations on best practices to employee retention programs. We understand you will require varying levels of human resource service, which PM Resources tailors depending on your needs.

Compliance coverage ensures that your organisation's human resource function meets the Labour Law and Employment Act as well as general human resource guidelines.

  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • Annual review and revision of employee handbook
  • Human resource strategies, policies and procedures
  • Employment and termination procedures

Clients opting for additional human resource services are expanding their human resource function to the next level as a result of growth, capital infusion or heightened exposure.

  • Job description process
  • Exit interviews
  • Human Resource best practices
  • Employee development program
  • Performance management process

Some clients will require the services of a mature human resource department.

  • Employee rentention programs
  • Incentive programs
  • Employee morale programs
  • Compensation plan review


PM Resources will design services around your needs. Additional services may be added based upon your human resource goals and objectives.