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  Mr. Salim Ashedoff
  Trainer & Consultant  
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Date : 24 & 25 July 2019
Time : 9am - 5pm
Suite 7-5, Level 7
Wisma UOA II
21, Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
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4. Persuasive Business Communication Skills at Work
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Supervisory Skills at Work
A 2-Day Programme
Date : 24 & 25 July 2019 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

The keys to successfully supervising others are being able to effectively delegate, managing time, setting clear goals & expectations and resolving conflict. Very often great team members are promoted to supervisor, without consideration that supervising is completely different skill set to that which made them stand out as part of the team.

This supervision training program will help supervisors become more efficient and proficient at delegating, managing time, setting goals and expectations (for themselves and others), providing feedback, resolving conflict and administering discipline.

This supervision training course helps people in supervisory roles improves their skills, confidence and general management abilities. This supervision training will benefit new supervisors and anyone that wants to improve their skills in supervising others ensuring productivity and team cohesion.

  • Learn how to set clear expectations for team members
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for team members that motivates & inspire dedication
  • Learn effective ways of assigning work that’s modified according to each employee & situation
  • Master techniques to delegates effectively & confidently
  • Develop approaches to conducting formal feedback sessions
  • Learn how to provide informal, constructive feedback
  • Develop priorities & time management strategies as a team leader
  • Establish conflict resolution strategies
Programme Outline
Module 1: Setting Expectations
  • Defining the requirements
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and growth
  • Setting verbal expectations
  • Putting expectations in writing
Module 2: Setting Goals
  • Understanding cascading goals
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Helping others set goals
Module 3: Assigning Work
  • General principles
  • The Dictatorial Approach
  • The Apple-Picking Approach
  • The Collaborative Approach
Module 4: Degrees of Delegation
  • Level One: Complete Supervision
  • Level Two: Partial Supervision
  • Level Three: Complete Independence
Module 5: Implementing Delegation
  • Deciding to delegate
  • To whom should you delegate?
  • Providing instruction
  • Monitoring the results
  • Troubleshooting delegation
Module 6: Providing Feedback
  • Characteristics of good feedback
  • Feedback delivery tools
  • Informal feedback
  • Formal feedback
Module 7: Managing your Time
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Prioritizing with the urgent-important matrix
  • Using a productivity journal
  • Using routines to simplify your work day
Module 8: Resolving Conflict
  • Using a conflict resolution process
  • Maintaining fairness
  • Seeking help within the team
  • Seeking help outside the team
Module 9: Tips for special situation
  • What to do if you’ve been promoted within the team
  • What to do if you’re leading a brand new team
  • What to do if you’re taking on an established team
Module 10: A Survival Guide for the New Supervisor
  • Ask the right questions of the right people
  • Go to Gemba
  • Keep learning!
Your Investment
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RM1450.00 per participant
RM1550.00 per participant
Special Fee
Sign up 3 participants for the price of 2 participants

*Your investment includes materials & notes, lunch, tea break and certificate of attendance
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