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  Mohammed Salim Ashedoff
  Trainer & Consultant  
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Date : 28 & 29 August 2018
Time : 9am - 5pm
Suite 7-5, Level 7
Wisma UOA II
21, Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
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  In-house Training  
  Apart from the above program, the following are also available for in-house training:
1. Business English
2. Business Writing Training
3. Effective, Impactful and Memorable Presentation Skills
4. Persuasive Business Communication Skills at Work

Persuasive Business Communication at Work
A Two (2) Days Programme
Date : 28 & 29 August 2018 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Time : 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
The ability to communicate effectively can have a profound effect on one's professional life.

This course helps people communicate effectively, appropriately and clearly in all situations. This is a great course for everyone as the benefits can have a positive effect on every aspect of their life. Learn to understand how you communicate, how others communicate and adjust to meet their needs.
This will help them receive your message more clearly and improve relationships in general. If you have never completed a Communications Course of this type you are missing out on awareness and understanding of fundamental concepts that can have a profound effect on your life and success in the workplace.
Learning Outcome:
  • Identify their Personality Type & communication preferences Profiling Tools
  • Learn to recognize other people’s Personality Types & communication preferences
  • Master adjusting one’s own communication approach based on need
  • Identify barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Effectively utilize tone
  • Develop nonverbal & paraverbal communication skills
  • Master the S.T.A.R method for speaking on the spot
  • Learn to use body language appropriately
  • Learn to listen actively & effectively
  • Gain insight into asking open questions
  • Use appreciation inquiry as a communication tool
  • Learn to establish common ground with others
  • Use "T" messages
  • Learn to adeptly converse and network with others
Programme Outline
Module 1: Getting to know you
  • What is your personality type?
  • What are your communication preferences?
  • What are your communication tendencies?
Module 2: Understanding others
  • What other personality types are out there?
  • What are their communication preferences?
  • What are their communication tendencies
Module 3: Making allowance for others
  • Consider your approach
    • What is the receiver’s personality?
    • What type of message are you delivering?
    • Is sensitivity, personal touch, speed, evidence, privacy or public acknowledgement most important?
  • Develop strategies for future application
Module 4: Understanding Communication Barriers
  • An overview of common barriers
  • Language barriers
  • Cultural barriers
  • Difference in time and place
Module 5: Paraverbal Communication Skills
  • The Power of Pitch
  • The Truth about Tone
  • The strength of speed
Module 6: Non-Verbal Communication
  • Understanding the Mehrabian Study
  • All about Body Language
  • Interpreting Gestures
Module 7: Speaking Like a S.T.A.R
  • S = Situation
  • T = Task
  • A = Result
  • Summary
Module 8: Active Listening Skills
  • Seven ways to listen better today
  • Understanding active listening
  • Sending Good Signals to Others
Module 9: Asking Good Questions
  • Open questions
  • Closed questions
  • Probing questions
Module 10: Appreciative Inquiry
  • The Purpose of AI
  • The Four Stages
  • Examples and Case Studies
Module 11: Mastering the Art of Conversation
  • Level One: Discussing General Topics
  • Level Two: Sharing ideas and Perspective
  • Level Three: Sharing Personal Experiences
  • Our Top Networking tips
Module 12: Conversational Psychology
  • Understanding Precipitating factors
  • Establishing Common Ground
  • Using "I" Messages
For programme details, please
Who Should Attend
  • Executives and Managers
  • Case Studies, practice session, feedback, lectures & discussion
Your Investment
The early bird date is 14 August 2018
Early Bird
RM1, 431 per participant
RM1, 537 per participant
Group 3 for 2
RM3, 074
(1 Free for Every 2 Participants)

All fees above are inclusive of tea break, lunch, training material, certificate of attendance and also 6% GST.
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