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  Mr. Krishnan Ramasamy
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Date : 12 & 13 June 2019
Time : 9am - 5pm
Suite 7-5, Level 7
Wisma UOA II
21, Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
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  In-house Training  
  Apart from the above program, the following are also available for in-house training:
1. Customer Care and Service Excellence
2. Effective Production Planning & Warehouse Control to Ensure Quality & In Time Delivery to Customers
3. Understanding Goods & Service Tax for Retailing Industry
4. Understanding Goods & Service Tax for Construction & Engineering Industry
5. People Skills for Managers
6. Advance Brainstorming & Mind Mapping for Management Decision Making
7. Sales Negotiation
8. Developing Effective Employee Handbook
Employment Act 1955 with Recent Development
A 2-Day Workshop
Date : 12 & 13 June 2019 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
The Employment Act 1955 forms the promary legislation (Statute) on employment in Malaysia, providing guidelines on minimum employment rules, within which to operate Businesses. Adherence to these minimum rules in various areas of benefits and code of legal conformance provided under this Act ensures good relationship development between employer and its employees; besides nurturing growth, progress and industrial harmony for the Organization.
IFrom 2007, the Human Resource Ministry has been studying and reviewing to amend 3 major laws in an effort to keep up with Global Business competitiveness. The three Acts were the Employment Act 1955, the Trade Union Act 1959 and the Industrial Relations Act 1967.The amendments which the ministry has been seeking improvement are in areas of overtime, salary, sexual harassment, welfare and maternity leave. These amendments would also ensure that protections are accorded to foreign labour as well.

Thus, it is imperative that all Business Enterprises in Malaysia, whether MNC’s or SME’s to have good understanding and grasp of these guidelines, which if applied well would enable good control, OR, alternatively, if not applied well, will lead to unwarranted litigation, non-value added activities, sapping vital Company time and resources, and consequential retrogressive impact on the Employer’s business.
The program should achieve the following objectives:
  • To provide invaluable guide for both employers and employees leading to good industrial harmony
  • To enable operation managers, executives as well as HR personnel’s to be well versed with the relevant sections of the Act, to address or overcome daily situational issues in the most productive way directed towards the common interest of both parties
  • To achieve outstanding governance, which is turn will steer the Organisation into leadership for employment within the industry they compete
Programme Outline
Module One
  • The Employment Act - General
  • Contract of Service & Contract for service dichotomy
  • Categories of employees covered
  • Principples and Contractors / Sub-contractors
  • Part-time employees (with discussion on recent employment development)
Module Two
  • Statutory Entitlement expressed in the EA 1995 - General
  • Working hours and shift work
  • Payment of wages
  • Public holidays and rest days
  • Payment of O/T allowances
  • CASE STUDY 1 - Question on actual problem encountered and redress within bounds of the EA
Module Three
  • Termination of Contract of Service
  • Notice of Termination / Termination without notice
  • Employee misconduct and termination of contract
  • Employee misconduct and termination of contract - For spcial reasons
  • Contract deemed broken - Section 15 (1) & (2)
    2. Absenteeism case (GROUP)
  • Payment of Wages
  • Deduction from Wages
  • Priority of wages before a secured Creditor is settled - (shut down operations)
  • Liability of Contractions & Principles
  • CASE STUDY 3 - Short notice / Abscond case - Payment in lieu of notice
Module Four
  • Employment of Woman
  • Maternity leave and allowance
  • Employment of Children and Young persons
  • Employment of Foreign Employees
  • Employment of Domestic Servants
Module Five
  • Power of DG to inquire into complaints under Section 69 / 69A / 69C / 69D
  • Procedure in DG's inquiry - Section 70 to 82
  • Service of Summons - procedure under Part XV
Module Six
  • Employment Regulations 1957
  • Employment (Termination & Layoff Benefits) Regulation 1980
  • Employment(Amendment) Act 2012
    • Maternity leave eentitlement / Section 37
    • Payment of wages for domestic servant
    • Amendment of Sect 31 - Priority of Wages
    • New Sect. 33A - information relating to supply of labour
    • Section 60D - additional Public Holiday
    • Sexual harassment at Workplace (Principle amendment) New Sect, 81A / 81B / 81C / 81D / 81E / 81F
    • Offence by Body Corporate - New Sect. 101
For programme details, please
Who Should Attend
Managers, Section Heads, HR personnel’s, Production Executives, Supervisors, Line Leaders and anyone who has staff reporting to them
Interactive Facilitations on Knowledge and Concepts
Interactive Learning Framework
Alignment of Corporate Measures with Individual Performance Measures either direct or indirect
Group Discussion and Brainstorming
Output –Based Activities / Exercises based on actual Job Types
Case Study on real life examples
Outcomes focused with Actual Outputs to take home for implementation
Your Investment
Early Bird
RM1450.00 per participant
RM1550.00 per participant
Special Fee
Sign up 3 participants for the price of 2 participants

*Your investment includes materials & notes, lunch, tea break and certificate of attendance
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