PM Resources' capabilities are focused on the design and delivery of relevant services and outsourcing alternatives which allows you to address your core business processes and activities to build a solid platform for sustainable competitive advantage.

Our knowledge in the outsourcing functions has allowed us to offer services for improving organisational performance, focusing resources on core competencies while obtaining resources to improve important, non-core business processes, ensuring you get the best return on your investments and capturing value in business solutions that make an enterprise wide strategic impact.

At PM Resources, we enable you to be more competitive by focusing on strategies and customers, thus creating and capturing long term sustainable value by shaping the solution that best matches up your unique needs with our strength and capabilities, ensuring a win-win proposition.

PM Resources is also a good example of a modern ‘virtual’ organisation. Competent consultants who specialise in providing a wide range of outsourcing services support our core workforce. The ability to draw on such competencies ensures that you receive the best possible consultant or team of consultants, tailored specifically to your needs. This approach minimises overhead structure, ensuring that more money is being spent on the core activities to support your organisations.

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Learning is a gift of knowledge, we should never stop learning no matter how old we are as the world is always full of surprises.

Many people are still unaware of the flexibility of E-learning can bring therefore PM Resources is proud to give you a complimentry tea talk on this coming 16 April, 2015 together with our Trainer Ms. Tesa Wang who will show you how E-learning can benefits each and everyone. This tea talk is free and light refreshment will be provided for us to do a little networking around before and after the talk. Kindly contact us to secure your seat before it runs out @ (6)03- 2713 6868 or drop us an email at

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