Precision Partners

Serious about starting your own business? Whether you were in human resources, sales or recruitment, you could be your own boss.

If you have worked in human resource before, you have a lot to offer. You know how third party recruiting works, you understand internal hiring processes and you know how lucrative recruiting can be. Now you can capitalise on that knowledge.

Too much business travel in your life? Weary of having your commission structure changed once you reach your sales goals? Tired of being paid a lot less than you are worth? With the skills and knowledge you already have, supplemented by our training and support, you can enter the lucrative world of professional recruiting quickly and with minimum effort. Answer to no one but yourself. Work from your home office and make great money dealing with human resource decision makers all day.

With the Internet and available technology, top recruiters no longer need to work for a traditional recruiting firm. You do not need a boss. What do they bring to the table anyway? Being a captive agent, tied down with a restrictive non compete and getting a small share of the commissions is not a fair or mutually beneficial business relationship.

Thus, whether you were in human resources, sales or recruitment, you will be able to offer targeted search and selection services on a risk free, contingent fee basis to clients seeking top quality talent. PM Resources offers two unique opportunities for you:

Freelance Referrer
External Referrer